MamaHelpers Limited
Country : Hong-Kong

MamaHelpers Limited on Startup Jobs Asia

Summary Info

MamaHelpers Limited is a tech company that established the mobile apps called Mamahelpers, Its apps help to bridge the communication between the employer and the foreign domestic worker. MamaHelpers is the first free data sharing platform which open to all applicant across the world. Through this approaches, both employer and foreign domestic worker are able to select the best match.

We are a young team who has the same vision and working towards the same goal. All of the member treat each other like a family, while at the same time working effectively and efficiently to finish the task set. Working in start up company requires you to learn a lot of things at the same time, therefore good time management is always need. But I promise you, every single day after you came back from work, you will feel amazing because of what you have achieve in one day.

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