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AddedSport is a leading sports, event, and athlete management firm in Asia. Based in Singapore (with a presence in China, India, and the Philippines) and founded in 2013, we strive to develop the overall landscape of sports, events, and athletes in the Asian region – with an emphasis on Golf, Tennis, Squash, Swimming, Soccer, and Track and Field.

Our key activities include U.S. college athletics recruitment, player development, event management, and athlete representation. With our network of local experts in 4 countries, we are dedicated to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

Sports has the power to change lives. The struggle to overcome challenges and excel in any sport develops a strong work ethic, which builds character. We believe adding sport to the lives of the people of all ages will lead to the discovery of new opportunities, and shape them into well-rounded individuals, hence our name, AddedSport.

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